The pumpkin votes are in.....

Our pumpkin at work didn't place in the top 3, so we didn't win a prize or a trophy or anything. We are pretty sad about it. These are the pumpkins that won.....

First place

This pumpkin was awesome, so it's OK that it won. Plus the people that carved it are cool.

Second place

I don't know the people who carved this pumpkin, but really they only carved a mouth and then painted the rest and tricked voters into voting for them with candy. So while I think this is a nice looking pumpkin.... I think there should have been maybe one or two more holes seeing as how it was entered in a pumpkin CARVING contest not pumpkin painting.

Third Place

 At least this one had three holes and the dry ice is cool, but still it's mostly painted.

Maybe my grudge against these painted pumpkins is due to the lack of pumpkin carving trophies sitting on my desk, because we carved our pumpkin... yano with knives, skewers, grapefruit spoons... like professionals.

I'm sure I'll get over it eventually, I'm just a sore loser. Now we just have to start planning for the gingerbread house contest. I think we might start practicing after work, because nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will stand in the way of us getting a trophy!


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