Andes Mint Cookies

I love Andes Mints. The love started early. As a little kid, like so little I don't remember it happening, my great grandmother (I think?) would sneak me a couple of these delicious candies before dinner. Aren't great grandmas swell? Candy before dinner! Anyway, then you get them at the end of your meal at Olive Garden. My family goes there for family events sometimes because it's an easy place for lots of people to find something they like to eat and they can accommodate large parties like my crazy family. And bonus, my brother Josh doesn't like the mint/chocolate combo, so he always gave me his mint! After I started doing my own grocery shopping I found out you can just walk into a store and BUY Andes mints, you don't have to go to Olive Garden or your great grandmother's house half a country away!!

Then the most magical thing ever happened, they started making Andes baking chips. And the Andes Creme de Menthe cookies were born. I make this cookie every year at Christmas time, and they are so good that this year someone at work specifically asked if I would bring them in. I follow the recipe on the back of the package and I use a cookie baller to make the balls (about 1 in) and I get a little over 60 cookies out of this recipe.

So bake up, and enjoy!


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