Christmas card holder

Pinterest strikes again!

After looking at a handful of stores and online for a Christmas card holder to no avail, I decided to check Pinterest for a DIY idea. After thinking about how lazy I am and how many stores I'd have to go to to create each of the options careful consideration I decided to make one using a quilting hoop and clothes pins. 

I love how it turned out! It is simple and clean looking so that the cards can stand out. I put it on my pantry door so you can see it pretty soon after you walk in from either the front door or the garage door, and I can see it from the kitchen and dining room. It has the perfect amount of exposure and provides a fun little Chrismtasy touch to a pretty boring spot in the hall way. 

The quilting hoop was about $19 but I used a 40% off coupon at Michael's and I bought 100 clothespins for about $7. I had the ribbon already, so my total cost for this project was about $18 and change. Plus, now I have 89 other clothes pins I can use for future projects. If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments. 


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