Christmas card photos

Christopher and I finally got half our crap together and had some pictures taken for a Christmas card. Yesterday my brother and his girlfriend came over to photograph us and we took a bunch of cute pictures. We even used props...we're gettin' fancy, better watch out! I ordered the cards last night, and plan to mail them this week, so I don't want to ruin the surprise for those of you lucky enough to have my face show up on your mail box, but we didn't use all of the photos. So here are some that didn't make the card.

Awwww, mistletoe!Too bad it looks like Christopher's arm is growing out of my head. 

Look it's us! This is Christopher's "I hate smiling" smile. 

Of course we used glitter in some of the pictures... I saw it on Pinterest. And it will probably take me until February to get all the glitter out of my hair. 

Happy 15 days until Christmas! 


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