Christmas decorations: Christmas tree

This is our tree this year. It's a little crooked, kind of droopy in the front middle section, and way too tall for our living room, but I love it. It's the biggest tree we're ever had! And why not, it pretty much has it's own room! I love decorating our Christmas tree. I watch while Christopher puts on the lights, and then we hang the ornaments on the tree together. A lot of our ornaments Christopher and I have picked out together, because neither of us have ever decorated a Christmas tree with anyone else after moving out of our parent's houses. Because so many of our ornaments are special I thought I'd share a few of my favorites.

This is the newest addition to our tree! It's our first Christmas in our new house! This Christmas has already felt so much more special than other Christmases we've had together because we got a giant tree, put out lots of decorations, bought lights for the outside of our house, and I even threw a Gingerbread house making party (more on that another day). I love that our house has made my favorite time of year even better!

This is our fancy "our first Christmas" ornament. We bought a fancy one because we thought we should. 

This is the "our first Christmas" ornament we bought before we decided we should have a fancy one. When we got married we bought Disney World annual passes, so we spent a lot of time at Disney the first year we were married, and we loved this Mickey and Minnie dancing ornament. 

Amber gave me this Knight gnome for Christmas last year and I love him! As a dedicated UCF alumna how could I not? Go Knights!

Bianca gave me this ornament to celebrate our thousandth year of friendship I'm sure. If you don't know already, Bianca and I are fetus friends. We call ourselves that because our moms worked together when they were pregnant with us, they even went to each others baby showers. Then we were always at all the same stuff as kids but didn't realize until 6th grade that we had known each other our whole lives. Needless to say, we've been best fetus friends forever since then.  

My friend Kathleen gave me this ornament one year for Christmas and I love it. I really love the Wizard of Oz, I know all of the songs! I've even been in the play twice! Now if only I had ruby slippers....

As I shared yesterday, I kind of have a thing for icicles. So I have several kinds of glass icicles hanging on my tree. I buy them as often as I find styles I like, usually at either Pier 1 or Crate and Barrel.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peak at my tree! Next up in the Christmas decorations series... Lights!


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