Everyone loves a good Margarita

I don't do a whole lot of drinking. I get super tired when I drink adult beverages, which leads to falling asleep  in the middle of parties, it's not pretty. But when I do drink you better believe I'll be drinking a margarita. There is just something about that beautiful shaped glass, rimmed in salt, filled with limey, tequillay goodness that makes my heart smile.
Because I love margaritas, I have had my eye on this recycled glass pitcher and margarita glass set from Crate and Barrel for quite some time. the only reason I hadn't purchased it sooner was because in the apartment we had NO space for any fun extra kitchen things. Now we have a kitchen with empty cabinets, so woooo hoooo!! Watch out Crate and Barrel here I come! 

This is how I make margaritas at home. I'm sure there are way fancier ways and probably half decent mixes out there, but I'm a simple DIY kind of girl. 

Put some ice in a fancy recycled glass pitcher. Really any pitcher will do, I used to use a $2 plastic one from walmart until I ruined it in the dishwasher... oops.

Gather your ingredients. I forgot to get the Citron in the picture, so pretend it's hiding behind the orange juice or something. 

Combine all of the stuff to taste. I don't measure this. It's not an exact science. It's all personal preference. Stir it up, salt your glass and serve. 

It'd best with a giant bag of tortilla chips and a giant bowl of salsa and a friend or two.

And pretty please, drink responsibly!


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