Fabric covered cork board

A few months ago my most likely future sister in law, Kimber, gave me a giant cork board. I had been eyeing fabric covered cork boards on Pinterest for a while so I was super excited to try making one. So I immediately went out and bought some fabric and upholstery pins, and promptly procrastinated working on my cork board for several months.

My "office" has been kind of a depressing place since we moved in, so in an effort to make my home "office" look a little more like a room and less like a storage facility I decided to get on with my cork board project.

I sprayed the cork board with spray adhesive and then stretched the fabric over it and patted it down. Then I poked the upholstery pins in the edge of the board, and TADA!

A closer look at the edge

A closer look at the fabric pattern

After I got it back in my office I realized that it was missing a hanger on the back so I have it on the edge of my desk propped up against the wall for now. I also still need to make pretty push pins. I bought grey flowers to glue onto the ends of push pins but it looked kind of funny, so I'll have to play around with that a little more.


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