Quick trip to Washington DC

Over the weekend Amber and I went to DC to visit our friends Bianca, Carrie, and Stacy. We hung out, visited some of our favorite places, laughed, cried, it was a great weekend.

I got to DC on Thursday evening and Bianca and I went to one of my favorite restaurants, Open City, for dinner.

Friday Bianca and I did a little shopping while we waited to pick Amber up from the airport. Our shopping adventures took us to Toy R Us, and we got to play a little Star Wars dress up.

Then we saw window washers washing a really tall building. It was cool to watch how fast they can make it down the building. 

Saturday morning we went to Ted's Bulletin for breakfast. Ted's makes homemade poptarts, they were awesome. Bianca and I shared a brown sugar poptart.

We also shared the biscuits and gravy. 

Then we went to visit my twin and homeboy Martin Luther King Jr. This was the first time Amber and I had seen the MLK monument. 

It was a pretty foggy morning out but you can still see the Jefferson memorial across the the way if you look real hard.

Amber has a grandpa buried in Arlington so we went over to visit him. He is buried in a newer section of the cemetery, so as we walked around we started to notice people who had died very recently in Iraq or Afghanistan who were our age. I even found someone who was born the same day as me. These headstones had lots of trinkets and pictures left on them still and it was heartbreaking to see or read their stories. 

Walking around a place like Arlington helps you realize just how many lives have been lost to keep our great nation free. Arlington currently covers 624 acres of land and is the resting place to over 400,000 people who bravely served our country. If you haven't been to Arlington, you should try to go if you are ever in DC. Our visit to Arlington had us all crying like babies. Aside from Amber's grandpa, we didn't know any of these men and women, but we mourned for them like we had, because we understand the gravity of their sacrifice. 

Sunday Stacy and I went out to lunch and to get coffee, Amber and her cousin went to get coffee, Bianca and her friend went to look at an apartment and get coffee, and we all ended up at the same coffee place, Northside Social. It was really cute and really good. I had a vanilla late. It was so delicious and had a super cute pattern on top. What more could you ask for in a cup of coffee. 

Sunday night on our way back from dinner and indoor put put we stopped by the White House. 

And on Monday morning, Amber and I ran across the Florida House on our way to the library of congress. 

We had a lot of fun together! It was good to get away and hang out with my friends. I can't wait until our next adventure. 


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