Sometimes sharing ruins everything

Christopher and I love ordering things on Amazon. We even pay to have Amazone Prime, so we share. Normally this isn't a problem, I do the most ordering and when Christopher wants to order me something he just deletes the email from my inbox. But, sharing an Amazon account with your husband at Christmas is tricky. You each want to order things at the same time. So I'm getting several emails a day either confirming orders, telling me my stuff has shipped, or when the stuff Christopher bought for me has shipped... it's getting to be a mess. This is the first time we have both used Amazon for Christmas shopping, and will probably be the last. Thankfully, I think we are both done shopping for each other and we only have a few more gift cards left to get and we'll be done with Christmas shopping. We even have most of our presents wrapped and under the tree. So just keep your fingers crossed that we don't open each others boxes when UPS drops them off.


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