You know you bake too often when...

I obviously bake for work way too often. Today I took in the cinnamon ornaments I made for my coworkers. I handed out a Christmas card and two ornaments for each person. The ornaments smell amazing, are shaped like stars, and have a red and white twine hanger attached to the top. See picture below:

Now that you have a pretty picture in mind.. 

About 20 minutes after I handed out the ornaments someone came over to me holding their ornament and it was missing a point...we had roughly this conversation:

Coworker: "these aren't cookies are they?!"
Me: "Nope, ornaments. I mean they are made out of food so they won't kill you, but you probably shouldn't eat them"
Coworker: "yeah, you should have told me. I already tried one. They smell so good and I figured since you made them, they must be cookies."
Me: "They have a string to hang them from....."
Coworker: "yeah, so?"

I almost DIED laughing. Then three other people asked if they were edible and right as I was leaving another person told me they tasted a tiny bite just to check and see if it was a cookie.

So either A) I bake way for work so much that they all think I'm incapable of doing anything else in my spare time, OR B) these people just love cookies more than any other group of people I've ever met. I mean I guess it could be secret answer C) All of the above... but dang. 

So lesson learned, when giving people things that smell good and look like they could possibly be cookies (even though they have a hanger attached) make a warning tag that says, "I'm an ornament! Please don't eat me, I go on your tree!". 


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