2013 Scottish Highland Games!

This weekend was the annual Central Florida Scottish Highland Games! My dad has been taking my brothers and I to the Scottish games for over a decade now. It's been exciting to have Christopher there for the last couple of years and this year he even got to wear a kilt!

Of course the first thing I did when we got there was get my deep fried Mars bar! Usually there is only one vendor that makes them and about 3 years ago I bought the last two for my brother and I at like 11:15 am. After that close call, I always get one right away because they are so good! But as we walked around this year I noticed that three or four other vendors had them this time, so next year I won't have to eat a deep fried Mars bar for breakfast. 

The pretty highland dancers! I have no idea how they bounce around so much for so long. 

Our family is super Scottish, so we have come from a few different clans. The scarf I'm wearing is a MacTavish tartan. It's my favorite because I love red and turquoise. I pinned my scarf with a turquoise pin and wore a turquoise bracelet that my friend Kelly gave me! 

I'm going to be honest I don't really know what these little tents are, I never really go look at them up close.

Bagpipe and drum band competition! I really enjoy bagpipes, the pipe and drum bands are one of my favorite parts of the Scottish games! Plus they all have different kilts so it's fun to see all the different tartans. 

Here we are together at the end of the day. And now for the pictures you've all been waiting for.... 

I give you Christopher in a kilt. 

He has the sun in his face in this picture but you get to see the outfit better.

Here he's much happier because the sun isn't in his face! Look how cute he is all dressed up! 

The Scottish Highland Games are always the weekend of or after my birthday, so it's a fun birthday tradition! I also love seeing the little kids in tiny kilts. If we ever had a boy you better believe he will be running around in a kilt with a foam bow and arrows. If you've never been to the games before you should check it out, it's a fun day, and even kids love it. 


  1. That looks like a perfect picture for an About Christopher section.... I want an About Christopher section!!


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