Baby Shiloh

Today our friends Dan and Sharisse are in St. Pete to have their second baby girl! Please say a prayer or think happy thoughts for them as they welcome baby Shiloh into their family. They had to go to St. Pete to have the baby because Shiloh's little heart is going to need some extra special care after she is born. If you'd like to see a little more about them check out their Caring Bridge site here! They will be staying at the Ronald McDonald house while they are in St. Pete, which will be at least a couple of weeks. If you or anyone you know collects soda can tops and you'd like to donate them to Dan and Sharisse leave a comment, send me an email, message me on Facebook, just let me know anyway you know how and I will make sure they get them.

Dan and Sharisse have a soon to be big sister, Belle, who will be traveling with them to St. Pete so I thought I'd put together a little bag of goodies for her, because the car is no fun when your 1 1/2.

I filled the bag with a spiral notebook, a box of crayons, a few baggies of pretzel sticks, a few baggies of mini marshmallows, and an Elmo DVD. The bag was big enough to hold everything, but small enough that she could hold it herself (I think) if she wanted to. Hopefully she will be able to enjoy carrying around toys and dolls in it for a little while, or hiding pacifiers and food in there. She is such a cutie and is going to make a great big sister!


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