Christmas decorations: The Lights

My favorite part of celebrating Christmas in our new home was getting to put up lights on our house! Christopher and I both love driving around to look at lights at Christmas time, we usually go several times a season, so we were excited about starting out collection. We plan to add more lights to our bushes and maybe a reindeer or a spiral light up tree or something. 

For Christmas eve I made luminaries with mason jars, green split peas, and white candles to put along our walk way. I wasn't sure if people in our neighborhood put out luminaries along their sidewalks so I didn't buy supplies for them. My in laws said they saw some on their way to our house for dinner that night, so maybe next year I'll buy a bunch of white bags, sand, and tea lights and start the trend on our street. 

I hope you had a very merry Christmas!


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