Gingerbread house building party

I threw a gingerbread house building party. I had some pretty Martha Stewart extravagant plans for this party, like making the gingerbread houses ahead of time out of real made from scratch gingerbread. After making the dough. cutting out the shapes and baking the first house, I decided I was crazy and put the pieces in the freezer. Then I went to several stores looking for gingerbread house kits, I wanted this party to be perfect. When I couldn't find the kits I almost freaked out, but I went ahead and bought six boxes of graham crackers. I figured we'd all try and make something like we were in preschool, after all my mom is currently a preschool teacher, Bianca and I are both "retired" preschool teachers and two of the other five ladies that came are moms. I think it worked out even better than if I had made houses ahead of time or had found those dumb kits. We all got to design something completely unique, none of the houses looked alike. It was perfect! 

I set the table with square cardboard cake boards I bought at Hobby Lobby, tons of bright candy, ice cream cones for trees, cereal for roofs, and each person got a bag of royal icing, and two packs of graham crackers. Then we just passed candy around, built houses, chit chatted, and made a mess. It was so much fun that I've decided to make it an annual party, and I've already bought candy for next year (it was on sale how could I resist?)

These are some of the beautiful creations:

Funny story, a couple of days after Christmas I went to Home Depot to get some paint samples and I found this: 

Who would have thought to go to Home Depot for a gingerbread house kit? Well next year if you're in the market for one and your local Target/Walmart/Publix/Trader Joes, etc. is out check your local Home Depot. 


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