Goals for 2013

Yesterday Christopher and I sat down and planned out a few goals for the year. We each have some personal goals and then a few goals as a family. Some of my goals are more important to me than others, some are just things that if I get around to them then woo hoo! 

My personal goals:

Blog everyday
Read 5 nonfiction books
Read the New Testament
Organize my pantry and buy baskets or shelves or whatever I need to keep it that way
Get a full time job
Cut down to one Coke a day
Try more whole food recipes
Cut down on Facebook time 

Family goals:

Pay off the rest of our credit card debt
Walk Lucy every day
Donate stuff to Goodwill quarterly
Try 5 new restaurants 
Finish in progress and planned painting projects (Dining room, Hallways, Foyer)

It's a lot to get done, but all important. 


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