Happy New Year

Christopher and I are pretty low key people, so of course we celebrate New Year's eve like a couple of 75 year olds. Every year we go over to my grandpa's house after dinner and play board games with my grandpa, my aunt, my parents and for now my youngest brother. We eat snacks and for the last couple of years The Game of Things has been our go to game, because it is awesome. We watch the ball drop at midnight sing New York, New York, and then go home. This year we were safely back home by 12:30. We light a few sparklers and a few other little fireworks. Lucy hates loud noises so we quickly headed back inside to snuggle with her and then went to bed. 

This morning we started the new year with a giant homemade breakfast.

I didn't even make it through half of this mess of food. We made Eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, and little mini tater tots. Then we hung around watching Harry Potter for the rest of the day. Not a bad start to 2013 if you ask me.


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