Homemade White Sandwich Bread

For Christmas my parents Santa brought me a bread machine!! I've wanted one for quite some time, I've just never had the space for one. But now that I have the biggest kitchen I've ever had (thank God!) I can have all the kitchen gadgets in the world, Muhahahaha! OK maybe not all of them, but all the good ones. 

I was so excited about the first loaf of bread I made in my new bread machine that I took pictures of the ingredients, and then had a little oopsie when I poured some of the ingredients into the bread machine before I put the baking bowl in... so I had to got to use Christopher's new shop vac to vacuum the whole wheat flour out of the bottom of the machine. By the way, I think whole wheat flour is wetter/stickier than regular flour, because that stuff did NOT want to come out. 

Well I got the flour out and proceeded with my recipe and then spent three and a half hours watching the bread through the little window in the machine. And I may have forgotten to take pictures... oops. This is the recipe I used for my first loaf: Honey Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

So after the honey whole wheat bread was gone I tried out a white sandwich bread recipe I found online. It was so good and I even remembered to take some pictures!

Seven simple ingredients (Water, vegetable oil, flour, sugar, salt, yeast) that I always have on hand turned into bread! Making bread in a machine is so easy it almost kills me that I haven't been making my own bread longer. It took me about 7 minutes to gather my ingredients, measure, and dump. Then I pushed the start button and in 3 hours and 25 minutes I had bread. So easy, and SO good. 

My first loaf of white bread in my bread machine! My whole house smelled so good while the bread baked and even better after I took it out and sliced it.

I don't own a bread knife, but I have this really long, really sharp, serrated watermelon knife that works so well to cut bread that I think I'm just going to let it do both for a while. 

 Plus the slices on these bread machine loafs are HUGE. I mean I have relatively small hands, but seriously the bread was bigger than my hand. This recipe is seriously the perfect white bread, it makes delicious grilled cheese, and PB&J's, and is even good all by itself. What more can you ask for in a simple loaf of white bread?!


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