January Birchbox

When I opened my Birchbox this month I was a little skeptical. It had a perfume, which I don't wear, and eyelid primer... what the heck is that for?! But I gave it all the old college try and was pleasantly surprised with the strange sounding products.

The first thing I did when I opened the box was give the Skinny Chic perfume a sniff. It's sweet and fruity smelling and the description says it's supposed to help you stay energized and curb cravings. I'm going to go ahead and call bullshit on the cravings thing, but I can't wear perfume so maybe read the other reviews on Birchbox to get a better sense of the product.

Of course, second I painted the nail polish, alessandro Nail Polish in Blue Lagoon, onto my nails immediately. Like still standing in the kitchen, haven't taken off my shoes yet, or had lunch, or put my purse away. That little pink box stops everything in my life for at least 15 minutes when it arrives in the mail! Anyway, I liked the polish, it had great coverage and is a nice blue color. I got a gel manicure for my birthday a couple days after my box came, so I'm not sure how long the polish lasts, but it was great for the couple days I had it on.

The fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream is really nice. It smells fresh, kind of like cucumber or maybe that's what lotus smells like, I'm not sure. Either way it is nice and light, it has a smooth texture, it's not sticky, and it absorbs quickly so I'm not sitting around waiting for my face to dry. It doesn't make my face greasy and I haven't had any kind of skin problems since I started using it. I would definitely consider buying this, it's just a little more than I would like to spend. Maybe next time I have some points saved up or a coupon code.

I've only tried the Ojon Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum once, and I didn't really notice it in my hair. Because it's a restorative hair serum I think not noticing it while it's applied is probably a good thing and I just need to use it a few more time to notice a difference with my hair. But it wasn't sticky or smelly so that is always a plus with hair care products.

And last, but not lease, theBalm Put a lid on it eyelid primer. You put it on before your eye makeup to give your eyelids a matte surface to work on and keep your shadow in place all day. I tried it twice and thought it was kind of cool. I don't have very much experience with makeup and primers, so I was a little lost and had to watch a few youtube videos to learn how to shadow my eye correctly, but I think overall it helped the color stand out and stay fresh looking.

I also ordered some things from Birchbox last week because I had 300 points saved up ($30) and a $25 gift card! I even got a fun new hair tool! My new stuff should come in the mail this weekend, so check back next week for another set of Birchbox product reviews.


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