Let's discuss boundaries

I love my family and friends; and I like to be near them... like NEAR them. I hug people, and punch people in the arms, and I'll put my arm around you, and pinch Christopher's butt in semi-public sometimes, I'm just friendly like that. But I know how much the people I love can take, so I respect their personal space. I love my little bubble on me space. As much as I love to touch other people on occasion, I don't really like to be touched by many people. I'll take a hug if I know you pretty well, as long as it doesn't linger for more than about 30 seconds, and if you want to play with my hair or massage my shoulders then get on it! But lord help you if you get in my personal space and I'm not in the mood or you are a stranger.

It is always so uncomfortable when people at work touch me, and I don't mean my coworkers. Literally perfect strangers hug me for helping them sometimes. It creeps me out. If we aren't friends please don't  touch me.

Also, sort of like personal space boundaries, but a little less personal.... if you're a stranger please don't ask me to have some of my snacks. This week at work a stranger asked to have a piece of my gum because they saw the little gum container on my desk, between my monitor and the wall. I gave them a piece, but dang... I would NEVER ask a stranger for a piece of their gum!

I had a lot of Twizzlers left over from the gingerbread house building party so I took them to work to share with  my coworkers, and then yesterday a different stranger asked if they could have a Twizzler. The giant bag was on a table between me and another advisor and behind me, so we're talking 6 feet away from this stranger. How rude can you be?! Again, I gave the person a Twizzler, because I don't ever say no. I really need to learn that word.

Sometimes it just amazes me how crazy people are. Would you ask a complete stranger for a bite of their snacks?


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