Let's discuss speed humps

I don't like driving. In fact, I hate driving. If I could spend money on one over the top frivolousness thing, it would be a driver. The biggest reason I hate driving is pretty much my reason for hating lots of things... there are way too many stupid people. 

Above is a speed hump. We have these all along the main road in my neighborhood to keep people from going 7,000 MPH. The posted speed limit is 30 MPH which is pretty typical in a neighborhood. Now, I'm not a speed hump engineer or anything, but I don't have any trouble going the speed limit over the speed humps. This morning the car in front of me on my way out of the 'hood couldn't handle the humps and slowed down to 15 MPH for each one. I wanted to scream. I understand being cautious, but that man better have had a good reason for going that slow, like stitches or a broken bone. 


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