Lucy's new favorite toy

Lucy loves furry toys with squeakers! She can de-squeaker a little stuffed toy in about 3 minutes. She very carefully finds a seam and rips it out, then pulls all of the stuffing necessary to get to the squeaker out, rips the squeaker from the little cloth animal, and then chews the squeaker to shreds. It is fun to watch, but then I feel bad because her favorite part of the toy is over. She still likes to plays with the skins that are left over, but I know she loves the squeaker hunt best.

We have tried getting her rubbery squeaky toys that are more durable so they will last longer but she doen't like those, so Christopher came up with a new hybrid toy for her.

Lucy's new toy!

He stuffed a rubbery squeaker chicken into a furry raccoon skin. It is the PERFECT toy. It has a super durable squeaker that squeaks A LOT, and it is a furry animal that Lucy loves to "kill". She loves it and we  have a pretty amazing time squeaking it and throwing it around for her. This is a huge win-win in the Hofreiter house!


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