Mitt Romney Chia pet

For Christmas one of my uncles gave me a Chia Mitt Romney! It is hilarious!

Also, I didn't know his name was actually Willard. I just thought it was Mitt... like maybe his parents were really into baseball or something.

They also have Chia Barack Obama, Chia Ron Paul, Chia Newt Gingrich, Chia George Washington, and Chia Abraham Lincoln available on Amazon, so you don't even have to risk your life going to Walmart.

I kind of want to get the Chia Ron Paul, but I feel like one Chia presidential nominee is probably plenty. So maybe I'll get it as a wedding gift for my little brother!

I think once the "hair" dies I'm going to put him on my new bookcases, in the government/economics section. It's just too funny to put back in the box. He might have to make an appearance in our Christmas cards next year.


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