New dog treats for Lucy


Publix had these Newman's Own Organics Lamb & Barley dog treats on sale this week, so I decided to splurge and get a pouch for Lucy. The dog has plenty of treat options, but there is nothing quite like her excited tail wag when you break out a fresh bag of new treats.

The little treats come stuck together in pairs, and look kind of like doggy granola bars. Lucy always takes new treats to her experimentation area, a spot on our carpeted living room right in the middle of the walkway where she is able to see almost every room in the house. Yano, just in case you give her something awesome and she wants more or gross and she wants to puke it up at your feet.

Lucy was pretty excited about these new treats, she gives them 4 paws up!

The other treat switch we made was her bedtime "toothbrush" treat.

We used to give Lucy a Greenies toothbrush treat every night before bed, but those puppies are pretty expensive at about 54 cents a piece. In an effort to save some money we switched over to the Pedigree Dentastix for now. Lucy seems to like these treats just fine and at a more reasonable price of 17 cents each, it's a more cost effective way to fight doggy plaque.


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