One last Christmas gingerbread house

Remember how I made one house worth of real gingerbread from scratch? Well, Christopher and I made that gingerbread house. It was a special house.

We made some white trees for the front yard, one ice cream cone covered in frosting and one ice cream cone covered in white gum drops. We used smarties to cover the sides and gum drops all around the edge of the house. We covered the roof with golden grahams and surrounded the windows with mini M&Ms. 

We used snow caps to make a path way and a peppermints to make a lamp post. We put Mike and Ikes around the door and edged the roof with Twizzlers. It was starting to look pretty good, and then.... 

The freaking back wall caved in. We decided this was a perfect Florida gingerbread house and that it had just been through a hurricane. If only I had thought to make blue frosting for water... next year.


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