Our front hallway got herself a new coat... of paint

Right after I joined Pinterest I saw a few pins with striped hallways and immediately fell in love. I knew that one day I would need to have a striped hallway in my house. So last weekend we started painting stripes in our front hallway!!!

Christopher measuring and leveling veerrry carefully. 

Chalk line to make sure we get the stripes straight!

All taped up and white cut in. 

Christopher painting the white stripes. 

White stripes done!

Brown stripes done!

We only have a few small things hung in the hallway right now, but I thought I'd share them.

My "Google Giraffe" is an original piece of art from Boom Art by Rogers Studio in Ivanhoe Village (Orlando). I love it so much! Giraffes are my favorite animal and this one is so bright and crazy I had to have it. 

A woman I worked with at the preschool in college cross stitched this for Christopher and I as a wedding gift. Instead of throwing my bouquet at single ladies, we had an anniversary dance at our reception and her and her husband were the couple that had been married the longest and they got to take home my bouquet! I can't wait to be that couple at a wedding! 

The last thing I we have hanging in the hallway so far is a framed Curly Girl card. It says, "It is without question our duty to honor the love of every human heart as we would our very own".

Now we just need something for this empty spot. Giant magnetic Scrabble board maybe? Photo collage? Life sized cut out of me? So many options!

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