Things to do for Valentine's day

As January winds itself down this week, I've started thinking about Valentine's day. Christopher and I don't go overboard for this day of love. We feel like we love each other pretty well every day of the year, so we take time to exchange sappy love cards and maybe small gifts, but we make a festival out of February 14th.

I thought I'd go ahead and share a few things we have done on previous Valentine's day that were easy and fun and definitely didn't involve spending a ton of money or the public.

1. Fancy breakfast with mimosas 

Nothing like a few heart shaped pancakes and OXOX eggs and bacon to say, "I love you"!

Plus, who doesn't like morning drinking? Mimosas? Yes, please!!

If you don't cook, try one of my Orlando favorites like, KeKe's Breakfast Cafe, Local Yolk'l Food Truck, or White Wolf Cafe.

2. Fondue

We got a really fancy fondue set as a wedding gift our first (I think) Valentine's day as a married couple we put that bad boy to good use. I made chocolate fondue and baked a pound cake, then we also had bananas, marshmallows, grapes, and pretzels to dip in the chocolate.

If you'd prefer to just pick up fondue and you live in the Orlando area, check out Colorado Fondue, you can order any of their things to go or make a reservation and pretend you really are in a Colorado ski lodge warming up next to a hot pot of cheese or chocolate. My favorite menu items are the dinner for two combination dinners, the Southwest Caesar Salad, Cheddar or Swiss cheese fondue, and of course either the Original Milk Chocolate or Thin Mint Cookie dessert fondues. I am practically a Colorado Fondue expert, we went there for my birthday every year ages 14/15 - until I moved out. Now that I don't live at home to eat my mom's cooking every night, I beg her to cook for my birthday and I take myself to Colorado Fondue.

3.  Make a steak dinner at home

SO many people go out to eat on Valentine's day! Places are crowded and loud, and  honestly Chris and I would rather not deal with that mess. We also love a good steak, and steak is so expensive out and not so expensive at home. We buy filet from Cavallari Gourmet and sometimes even prepared side dishes. We always have mushrooms with steak, and then usually asparagus or potatoes or something. It's not a hard meal to prepare and it's so delicious at a fraction of the cost for a night out. You can still dress up and light candles for a romantic evening at home or eat on the patio in a hoodie with a fire in the fire pit for a more casual date night in. We are HUGE fans of a good steak night at home!

4. Snuggle in front of a fireplace/fire pit

The best part of our apartment was the fireplace. It was the only place I've lived, as an adult, with a fireplace. It was so much fun to toss on a duraflame log and snuggle up on the couch. In our new house we don't have a fireplace, but we did buy a fire pit on Black Friday. 

This year for Valentine's day, I think we will probably make a nice dinner at home and break in the fire pit. 

What are your plans for valentine's day?


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