A sneak peak and another birthday party

Today I get to see my future sister in law's wedding dress!!! I am going with her to pick it up and I get to take a little sneak peak of her in it. I'm pretty excited!

After picking up the dress, we're celebrating January and February birthdays with my dad's side of the extended family. So this will be birthday party number 5 I think....
1. Work (Birthday AM)
2. Immediate family (Birthday PM)
3. Friends (Friday after birthday)
4. Josh and Kimber (last week)
5. Dad's side of the family (today)
6. Mom's side of the family (next weekend)

Yup 5th party. Now I only have to celebrate it with my mom's side of our extended family next weekend and then I might be done. Unless my in-laws decide they want to do something... then it will be 7 parties. Any questions as to why I usually cut out the friends party? It just started to get out of control.

I have gotten a lot of really cute earring for my birthday this year though so after I have all of my parties I'll post pictures of them.

Oh yeah, and it's Super Bowl Sunday. Go Football!! I'm sure we'll have the game on at some point tonight so if I catch any particularly good commercials I'll be sure to share my thoughts tomorrow.


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