Five years ago I said yes!

Five years ago Christopher took me on a freezing cold walk down Park Ave. I was wearing flip flops, he was looking for some fountain he wanted to show me... in the dark... I was complaining, like always, and it was a mess.

After 20 minutes of this nonsense, homeboy proposed. And I said yes! Then we ran back to the car and turned on the heat and went to get a Dr. Pepper at 7-11 because I was thirsty. We knew that a few of our friends were at a bar on our way home so we stopped by to surprise them and tell them we were engaged.

The last five years have been pretty fun. We got married, we adopted a dog, we bought a house. We've learned how to live together without going to jail. And we even have fun doing it. We've broken up the chores and figured out a TV schedule that works for both of us(even without a DVR). I'd say it's been a great five years and I can't wait for 500 (give or take a few) more.


  1. Happy Anniversary, Natalie! Our wedding anniversaries are just a day apart and our engagement anniversaries are just 8 days apart - crazy!


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