Happy February!

Well we made it through January online friends! It's a beautiful 47 degrees here, and I have coffee and coffee cake. I love Friday!

Last night Josh and Kimber took Christopher and I out for my birthday! That's right birthday celebration #4. We went to our favorite Indian food place, Kohinoor in Altamonte Springs. It was delicious! The four of us all love that place and don't go very often so we were super excited. I think we should plan to go there more often, at least twice a year, I'll have to alert the troops.

I was so glad to to have some new #whatshouldwecallstudentaffairs posts to read this morning. It's all so true, and all so perfect. If you work in education, especially at a college or university you need to go to there.  Like now. You're welcome!

My two favorite new ones are:

My Resume and My Career, because honest to God that is how I feel some days. I fell into a career in education and will probably live in a college the rest of my life. Helping students become something important while they yell at me, tell me I'm getting in the way of their financial aid, ask to share my snacks, and show me their knife stab scars. It's a ridiculous job... but I mostly love it.


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