My favorite Super Bowl Commercials 2013

As you know, I was busy celebrating my birthday for the 5th time last night so I only caught the second half of the super bowl. I don't particularly care about professional football, but I did kind of want the red team to win. Red is my favorite color. Also, Kaepernick looks like a tan version of my friend Kevin, I've let him know that I think he should dress up as his famous doppelganger for Halloween this year... we'll see how that works out for me. 

Anyway, back to the most important part... the commercials. I spent an hour and a half watching all of the super bowl commercials this morning to make sure they were fresh in my mind before bringing you my first annual (?? we'll see) Super Bowl Commercials mini Awards. 

Commercial most likely to make you cry

Cheesy commercial I couldn't not love

Happiest message commercial

The four funniest commercials

I hope this made your Monday a little more fun. I know I had fun watching the commercials I missed during the first half and re-watching the ones from the second half. 


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