My oldest friend

Panera Frozen Mocha

This morning I actually woke up on time, so I went to Panera to get some woo hoo it's Friday breakfast.

It was kind of chilly out for mid March in Florida so I got a  warm ham, egg, and swiss bagel sandwich and a frozen  mocha. It made me think of when Bianca and I would go to Panera in high school and college. We would go multiple times a week to study(ish), eat a snack, and drink our weight in fountain drinks.

For the first few years of our weekly Panera trips we would each get an Icey Mocha (now Frozen Mocha) almost every time. This was before we discovered that coffee isn't just a good ice cream/milkshake/candy flavor. After we started drinking real drip coffee, we drank it almost exclusively, because Panera was always freezing.

Every time I get a frozen mocha at Panera I think of Bianca. It makes me wish I could call her up any day of the week and tell her to meet me there for a bottomless cup of coffee and a treat so we can look at Pinterest chat for hours. Because there is just nothing like old (and I mean old) friends. 26 years and counting friend... bring on 26 more!


  1. I am so grateful for your and Bianca's relationship or I would not have met you!!! I will raise a frosty beverage to this this weekend. <3


    1. For the record, I wish I could call you up for a coffee date too! Miss you girls like crazy!


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