Reasons why my husband is awesome

I've been reading other blogs a lot lately. Partially for inspiration/see what else is out there, and also because I was on Spring Break last week, so I had even more free time than usual. While snooping my way through the blogosphere I've found so many housewives that have crappiest husbands. Why would you marry someone that doesn't ever help out around the house, or do favors for you?

I came across this quote on a food blog discussing once a month cooking (bolding and underlining are mine), "3) Having a friend (or spouse if they will help!) assist with the dishes can be a great help."

If Christopher didn't help me when I need it, I wouldn't have married him. There is very rarely a time that I ask Christopher to help me and he says no. Those times he says no involve me being lazy, unrealistic, or a jerk. For example: If we are both sitting on the couch and he has already brought me a drink, socks, a blanket, the remote, and now I want him to get up and go get my nail polishing supplies, he's allowed to say no to that hot mess of laziness. If I ask him to get something down from a shelf I can't reach, he better be doing something important to say no, If i ask him to help me cook one day a month he better be dying before he says no.

Christopher helps around the house A LOT. He fetches me things he shouldn't. He does favors for me every single day and doesn't expect ANYTHING in return. Want to know why? He loves me. A LOT!

I'm not saying your husband doesn't love you if he won't go grab you a coke from the fridge. But if he's not willing to help you when you need it... it might be time to have a conversation.

Ten things I hate(couldn't help myself) LOVE about Christopher

1. He does the dishes. I don't mind most household chores, but I HATE dishes. So he has very sweetly taken on this chore for our family, so I don't go insane.

Christopher putting up our bookshelves.
2. He cooks for me when I am sick/tired/too lazy. That man loves to grill, but he's not afraid to use a frying pan or the oven. His specialties include: Chicken alfredo with sun-dried tomatoes, grilled chicken and rice pilaf, and he makes a bangin' Thanksgiving turkey. Of course, I taught him everything he knows!

Christopher cookin!
3. He scratches my back or massages me I'm not even joking. It is amazing! I don't even know how I got so lucky!

Christopher giving me a pedicure. 

4. I have never gone a day without the things I need. I've never even had to eat Ramen noodles. Or keep the air conditioning warmer than 75 degrees.

Christopher even grills in the rain for me.
5. He willingly participates in all of my Pinterest projects. He even sewed our shower curtain for me when I wanted to throw the sewing machine through a window.

Christopher helped me make giant Halloween signs and put them up in the yard.
6. He goes to every single family event for our extended family with me. Band concert... check, football game... check, housewarming party... check, 4th birthday party in a month... check!

Christopher and I at a UCF football game, even though he doesn't like sports. 
7. He makes me laugh constantly.

Snuggle skipbo

He tried a McRib for funsies, because we both thought they were gross, he renamed it the McSnout.

8. He loves all of my favorite TV shows. Or watches stuff I like even if he doesn't. We've had some great marathons, Friends, Gilmore Girls, Scrubs, 30 Rock, etc.

9. He does fun things with me.

Strawberry Picking

On our way to Dinosaur World. 
10. He buys me flowers for no reason. 

That man loves me. It's nuts. I am so lucky to have him. I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. 


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