What I did over spring break

The best and worst part of working part time at a college are all the forced unpaid vacations. On one hand I get two weeks off for Christmas and New Years, I get a week off for spring break, and most of a week off for Thanksgiving. I could go on vacation, or sleep in, or read a bunch of books, or go shopping at an actual store during the day when no one else is there. On the other hand, I don't get paid for those breaks so I'm not exactly jetting off to the Caribbean for spring break, and skiing in Breckenridge for Christmas.

This year I spent my spring break painting my pantry, attempting to reorganize the junk in my pantry while it was all out, cleaning, taking Lucy to the vet, and playing The Sims with my two new expansions packs.

The first day of my spring break looked a little something like this:

I ordered file folders and a couple new folder drawer racks so I could reorganize our filing cabinet. I definitely didn't get around to doing that over the break. But I did make fresh bread, and it was delicious. You have to prioritize. 

The two activities that took up the majority of my break were organizing/panting my pantry and playing The Sims. I will save the before and after photos for a full post of the pantry, but to give you a taste... this is what half(ish) way looked like. I thought I would cry.

See how splotchy it looks. Plus it's a lot more orangey than I thought it would be. This picture was after one coat, we ended up painting three.

I love The Sims3. I play it kind of a lot sometimes, and sometimes I'll go months without playing. But I had an entire week of not much to do so I went ahead and bought myself an expansion pack and a new world. I now own The Sims 3 + Late Night expansion, Generations expansion, and Hidden Springs expansion world.  I'm a dork. I know.

I wrapped up spring break with a trip to the vet with Lucy. What a nightmare. She was such a pain they had to muzzle her and have two techs hold her down so they could take her temperature and draw some blood. Then the vet came in to examine her and give her shots and she was FINE. just stood there. Didn't make a peep or move an inch. What a freak. But she is all healthy except for an ear rash from allergies.

It was unusually cold the week of spring break so I didn't do much outside, even though it did give me a hammock bug. I reallllly want a hammock now. I was thinking that even though it was cold I could have cuddled up in a blanket, gotten in my hammock cocoon, and read instead of playing The Sims for hours each day. Oh well, maybe next year. I'm keeping an eye out for hammocks to go on sale. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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