All dogs go to heaven

Oakley and Lucy

This week had a tough start. My parent's dog, Oakley, died relatively unexpectedly. He was only a year or two older than our little Lucy, but he had been pretty sick most of his life. When my parents and brothers adopted him in 2009 he had heart worms, and even after A LOT of treatment, the worms had done a lot of damage to his little body. He was such a sweet dog and LOVED Greenies more than any dog I've ever met. He would lick the water off the dishes as they were being loaded into the dishwasher and lick the air when he was outside. He was a strange little guy. I know that the time he spent with my family he was loved, fed hundreds of Greenies, petted, taken to the park, waked, played with, and very well taken care of. I just hope he is having fun playing catch and chasing squirrels with Luke and Snoopy in the big dog park in the sky.

Snoopy and Luke


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