Chocolate, M&M's and Peanut Butter oh my!

Last weekend I made a whole bunch of cookies for the Easter egg hunt at my church. I decided that because  I would be one of many cookie bakers, I would take this opportunity to try out some new recipes, just in case they weren't too great. I have been following Kokocooks for a while now, and she makes some amazing looking cookies, so I tried out three of her recipes. Because I was making all of these cookies to be consumed by tiny humans, I made them pretty small so I could stretch my dough and keep the kids from eating their weight in butter and sugar in three bites.

I really like all of the recipes I tried and I would make all of them again. The only one I would make a change to is the M&M cookie, the recipe says to mix the M&M's into the dough, and I would have preferred to just   push the M&M's into the top. I LOVED the peanut butter cookies. I will probably use this recipe from now on. They were so peanut buttery and delicious.  I rolled the dough balls of one of the batches in sugar before baking them and I think that was may favorite. Next time you need to bring a little treat somewhere definitely give one of these cookies a try.


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