My newest Birchbox beauty products

I am a sucker for a Birchbox coupon code. So when I got one for 25% off my next purchase you bet I clicked my way over to Birchbox in a blur. The only thing I really needed was moisturizer, but I made sure to get a couple of treats as well.

I bought Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream. You might remember me talking about it when I reviewed my January Birchbox. When I first sampled it I thought it smelled a little strange, kind of like cucumbers or grass, but the scent definitely grew on me. Plus it's really light and fresh (you see what I did there?) feeling. I am really looking forward to smearing this stuff on my face for the next few months.

Of course, I couldn't make an order of just one little thing I needed, so I also bought I Coloniali Tibetan Shower Cream with Rhubarb. I know it sounds crazy. I was skeptical when I got a sample of it in my March Birchbox last year, but I have savored that sample only using it for special occasions and for days when I REALLY needed a pick me up. So I finally decided to take the plunge and just buy the full size bottle, that way I can use it whenever I want! It is really creamy and smells so good. Every time I use it I immediately feel happier and more relaxed. Which I think is something everyone could use a little of.

I also picked up a plus two pack, which is a set of two extra samples free with any $25 order. My plus two pack came with Color Club Fiesta Collection Nail Polish in Wild Cactus and J.R. Watkins Peppermint Foot Repair Salve.

The Peppermint foot salve smells so good, and it makes your feet nice and soft. The nail polish is a fun green color, I think it would be especially cute on my toes.

I know I say this a lot, but seriously if you haven't already tried Birchbox you should. They even have Birchbox for men. It's definitely my favorite piece of mail!


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