My pretty new earrings

The first part of this year has been full of new earrings. I posted about wanting new earrings a little before my birthday, and my friends and family haven't let me down.

Kate Spade Earrings

 Bianca sent me these super cute Kate Spade "Mrs" earrings. How cute would these be for a bridal shower or wedding gift? There is also a matching necklace. I love Kate Spade.

My mom got me these dainty little white gold hoops. They just clear my ear lobes so they are a perfect earring for any occasion.

gold flower earrings

Kera gave me these adorable gold flower earrings with little pearl centers. They are a perfect way to dress up a casual work outfit. 

Amber gave me these cute little darlings for Valentine's day! This is my first pair of Valentine's day earrings. Now I'll always have something festive to wear on February 14th.

Christopher bought me two beautiful pairs of earrings for Valentine's day! He usually isn't a jewelry buyer because I'm kind of a brat about presents. But he did a really great job this time!

These are my very favorite earrings Christopher has ever bought for me. I love them. I wear them with a pretty turquoise bracelet that Kelly gave me a few years ago. 

Then I happened to pop into Francesca's when they were having a buy one, get one 50% off sale. And this is what I bought.


I love that the gold earrings almost have a giraffe print. I picked the mint colored ones because they are pretty and simple and will go with a lot of different things. The black earrings are rough to the touch and I really like that they have a cool texture. The orange was a little wild for me, but I love them. I have a dress that has navy, green, and orange stripes and that is usually what I wear them with.


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