The Skimm

I generally avoid reading the news because it is super depressing, and I don't want to start my day reading about stabbings, shootings, other miscellaneous crimes, and war. I know that the world is a crazy place, and that is enough for me. 

But not reading the news at all leaves me staring blankly at my coworkers when they discuss current events, so I had to do something. I subscribed to The Skimm. I don't even remember how I found The Skimm, but they send you an email every week day with a brief overview of current events. I like getting my news like this. Now I know some of what's going on, and if I want to read more I can click on the links they provide, but if I decide that a subject isn't something I care about I just jump to the next headline. And my favorite part... no gross or disturbing videos and no sound clips of 911 calls to give me nightmares for the week! 

If you are like me and want just enough news to hold a relatively informed conversation, but not so much that you think of flinging yourself from a building and becoming the news, then The Skimm might be for you. Check it out!


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