Happy house-aversary to us! (13 days late)

A year and two weeks ago today Christopher and I bought our first house! It still feels so new to us. We still have so many projects on our list. We can still hardly believe we own a house. Sometimes I really have to remind myself that it's OK to be comfortable and happy here, because it's ours. I can make every single closet my own, and paint the carpet if I want (I don't want to paint my carpet, don't worry). It still feels like we've been house sitting for someone for the last year.

I love little changes, in fact I hate when things stay too much the same. But I had no idea how long it would take for me to process big life altering changes, like getting married and buying a house.

It took me a miserable year and a half to adjust to married life, and so far adjusting to being a homeowner feels great, just kind of surreal. Here's a little look back at the last year.

Red, white, and blue

Lucy's first play date with Oakley at our house

Our first home project after! (Sorry about the glare)

It's been so much fun having a whole house to hang around in. I can't wait to see how all of our other projects and plans turn out.


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