Kitchen soap stand

While searching around on Pinterest for fun crafts I found this dish soap stand. I loved it. It was a fun easy way to fancy up boring dish soap. 

Dish soap Stand
After looking at Goodwill a few times for a candle stick and a plate to use, I finally found a Christmas cake plate for $3 that I could spray paint. Plus I didn't even have to glue anything together. This was going to be a win.

Dish Soap Stand
Cake Plate before
Before I spray painted the cake plate I washed it with TSP and then sanded the top of the cake plate.

After a light first coat
After a light second coat
Stupid dish soap stand after a couple of weeks
Paint on the back splash
Paint on the counter
Apparently I did something wrong with this little craft because even after I let the spray paint dry for 2 days it still got all over the counter and wall. And the paint came off the top of the plate when I moved the soap dispenser the first time. I'm not sold on spray painting things. It was kind of a pain in the ass and it didn't even work very well.


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