A few inches of Children's books

This year I needed a few inches of books to fill out the children's shelf on my bookcase, so off to the Scholastic Book Fair warehouse sale I went.

I bought over 30 books and a few pencils and slap bracelets for $80. It was awesome. These are some of my favorites.

This is a really cool book about the Civil War. I think it will be a great book for when we homeschool. 

Of course, I couldn't pass up a copy of Charlie the Ranch Dog. I LOVE The Pioneer Woman, and she definitely has the most adorable ranch dogs. 

Cute little Olivia forms a band! A perfect book for future music lovers. 

This is a cool book that matches all kinds of things and places from around the world with the letters of the alphabet.

This book matches things in the Smithsonian Institute museums with the alphabet, which I love. The Smithsonian museums are some of my favorite places and I will have so much fun sharing this book and then the actual museums with our kids.


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