Banana Pudding Pie

My dad, like any good southerner, loves banana pudding and has passed that love of banana pudding on to me. There is just nothing quite like vanilla pudding, banana slices and Nilla wafers all mixed up in a bowl. When I saw this lovely invention on Pinterest I knew it would be my Father's Day treat for my dad. Internet friends, meet Banana Pudding Pie.

First you want to make some Vanilla pudding. I made mine from scratch using the recipe here. You could easily buy pudding mix. But pudding needs time to chill, so make that first. I forgot to take pictures of this step. Just imagine me whisking milk, sugar, eggs, etc. constantly for 10 min in a sauce pan, impatiently.

You could also buy a Nilla wafer crust, but I enjoy any reason to break out my food processor and chop things up. So here we go pals.

Delicious, fun! Crunching up Nilla wafers in the food processor. 

To make a delicious Nilla wafer crust you will need to crunch up a bunch of Nilla wafers, I used almost a whole box. Stir 2 1/2 C Nilla wafer crumbs with 1/2 C butter and press them into a pie dish. 

Once you have your cookie crust in the pan, bake for ten min at 350. Then the crust needs to cool completely. So, I watched a few episodes of Cheers, and then had lunch. You do whatever makes you happy.

Then set up your pie assembly line. Cutting board for cutting bananas, empty pie crust, vanilla pudding, box #2 of Nilla wafers.

The first layer will be banana slices. I used two bananas for each of the banana slice layers, for a total of four bananas, you might want to use more or less depending on how big your bananas are (that's what she said) or your banana to pudding ratio preferences. 

Cover those bad boys with 1/3 of the pudding.

Top the pudding with Nilla wafers. Again, use however many you feel like you need. I made one layer with a few pieces here and there to fill in some gaps. I might use a few more next time. I love the wafers. 

After covering the wafers with another 1/3 of the pudding, two more bananas worth of slices. Covered in the rest of the pudding, and then...

Top that whole pie off with some whipped cream! I made my own, but you could easily use cool whip or something like that.

I made my pie Saturday, refrigerated it over night and then garnished it with Nilla Wafers around the edge.

This pie was amazing. I will be making this anytime I am invited to a picnic, BBQ, or other potluck event. So if you want a banana pudding pie, and don't want to spend the time to make it, just invite me over.

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day! Happy pie eating!


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