Building permits make me want to scream

We are finally going to put up a fence. We have the fence money set aside, a fence type picked out, we know where we want to order it from. I have two brothers I plan to bribe, one with Dr. Pepper and a crisp $10 bill, and one with beer, my ever lasting sisterly love and the promise to make it up to him when he moves into the new house he's in the process of buying. Thank you sweet baby Jesus for brothers!

This is the list of forms I have to submit to put up a fence on one side of my yard.

The only thing standing between me and lounging in my hammock with no pants on, is a mother freaking building permit. As you can see above, the list of bullshit I have to go through to put up a fence is freaking ridiculous. It was less work to buy the house.

I have a feeling the first time I walk out in my back yard and don't have to worry about people seeing me, it will all have been worth it. I'm also looking forward to opening my dining room window blinds and having a view other than my next door neighbor's back porch, even if it is just a big blank fence.


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