Even More Arrested Development Day Food

While watching the new Arrested Development episodes we ate a whole bunch of gross show themed foods. Of course there were the frozen bananas, but we tried to eat a little something from the show for each meal.

The night before the new episodes came out we finished watching season 3 and we ate taco dip with Fritos scoops while drinking sparkling grape juice. The taco dip and chips really don't have anything to do with the show, but boy do they drink a lot and we don't so we substituted sparkling grape juice. And we were super fancy and used our ice cream bowl as an ice bucket.

We had a box of donuts for breakfast in honor of the episode in season 3 where Michael goes to lunch with Rita at the American themed restaurant in wee Britain and they bring a basket of donuts for the table.

For lunch we honored Buster's love of grilled cheese. With a side of Curly fries. Lucille might not be able to handle curly fries by the pool but, we sure can!

For dessert we had ice cream sandwiches and frozen bananas. George Sr. and GOB would have been disappointed if we didn't have their favorite treats.

If you want to know all the complexities of  making frozen bananas check it out here.


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