Pinterest Fail: No slip kitchen rug

Somewhere on the internet I saw someone put hot glue on the back of a rug to keep it from slipping. So when I bought a new rug for my kitchen and almost lost a limb after slipping on it, I figured I should try it out.

I got out my glue gun and a giant bag of glue sticks. After about 45 minutes I was only about a quarter to a third of the way around the rug and my hand was killing me. Like get me some ice and a bottle of wine kind of killing me.

This is my glue gun. I have a small one. I should have known better. 

This is a little peak at what I got done with a glue gun.

So I searched high and low on Pinterest and found this. So I got out the caulk gun and some silicone caulk and went to work.

I made a few thick lines all around the edge and in the middle on the back of the rug. 

A little close up. It's kind of hard to see because the caulk is clear. 

Then I put the rug in front of the fridge, stepped on it, and slipped again. I guess I have to go buy a dang no slip rug mat to put under it.


  1. Well, that's disappointing. Sometimes I wonder if there's some cruel jokester out there who thinks these things up just to torture the rest of us.

    1. No kidding. Even though I didn't do exactly what the picture suggests, so maybe I just didn't do it right and need to make the glue/caulk lines closer together. Oh well.


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