June Birchbox Purchase

Ordering things from Birchbox is basically my favorite thing to do. Here are my most recently acquired goodies. 

Full size Staniac in Beauty Queen and Origins Zero Oil toner, and a pick two sample pack that had a very generous CARGO lip gloss and a CoTZ Face SPF 40 Sunscreen

I have been trying to get up the nerve to wear lipstick, but I'm a wimp so I settled on lip stain. I got a sample of Stainiac in one of my birchboxes, and as the tiny tube emptied I started to get sad. Finally, the little tube ran out and I knew this needed to be part of my regular beauty bag. 

This is one pretty big sample of CARGO lip gloss. I like the color, but it is pretty thick and sticky. I'll definitely use the whole sample, but I doubt I'll purchase a full size tube.

See cute color! I just wish it wasn't so sticky!

This is the first time I've used the Origins toner, and it's a toner. I haven't noticed anything special about it. 

I really like the CoTZ sunscreen. It's a brown color, but as you rub it in it disappears. It has a nice matte finish which is rare with most of the sunscreen products I've used. I think this is definitely on my pool wish list. I also did like to Coola sunscreen though, so now I have to decide. Who knew I could love a sunscreen?!

I was SO excited to get these sets of Bamboo cutlery. I plan on taking them to work in my lunch box. They are just too cute to leave at home!


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