My life lately

Life has been kind of slow recently, in case you hadn't noticed the cobwebs in the corner of my little blog. I had a big few days after Pintester Movement 2.0 and then I got lazy, then I got sick. So here is a little recap of the last couple weeks from my phone.

Lucy is now a DJ. She'll be workin' the club scene on Fridays from now on. 

We tried a new lunch place. I'll write more about it next week, but I'll tell you this much, it's a new deli trying to replace an old favorite...  

I made homemade corn dogs. They were AWESOME!

One of Christopher's friends started a food truck, Caucasian Twisted Asian. Get out and try it. Like them on Facebook here!

I started eating strawberries... the zombies are coming.. 

I got a beautiful new purse. I love it. 

I saw a cute baby frog under the stairs at work the other day. Such a precious little critter. 


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