Blueberry Pie

It's Friday, Friday. I decided that called for something delicious, like blueberry pie.

I used this pie crust recipe. She even has a video tutorial

Whole Foods had organic blueberries on sale really cheap and I bought 4 pints, which meant pie! I used this filling recipe, because it was very simple. I didn't want to have to track down crazy ingredients, berry pies should focus on the delicious berries.

Coat the berries in delicious spices. 

Plop those bad boys into the crust. 

Cover with a top crust. I added little crust flowers around the edge, because I do not have the patience to fold the edge nicely. I'd rather cut a bunch of little flowers out with a tiny cookie cutter. 

Bake you pie, and take in the amazing aroma. Try your very, very best to let it cool all the way or you will have a MESS on your hands. 

Now go buy some blueberries and getting baking before it's too late!


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