Buffet/Sideboard: Half way!

Sunday afternoon my brother came over to start building the buffet/sideboard. He even let me drill some stuff! We started with a huge pile of wood, and so far we've built the frame.

Here is a little peak at what we accomplished.

This is our little workbench set up. We clamped an old door on top of my desk. 

I drilled these holes! For pocket screws. Who knew that was a thing.

This is part of the frame. We drilled all the holes and trimmed pieces here and there in the garage and then screwed it together inside. Inside was much cooler and then we didn't have to worry about getting it around corners. It might not look like it, but this thing is almost seven feet wide.

Side view. 

Last minute decision to make a little groove for the back to sit in, instead of some other option that I'm not really sure about. 

Side view with the inside dividers and bottom shelf in. 

Front view with the inside dividers and bottom shelf in. 

The drawer slides will be here on Wednesday, then we can build the drawers and doors, and install the back, top, and trim. Oh and then we have to stain it, and pick hardware. So maybe half way done is a little bit or an overestimate. This is going to be one beast of a buffet, and I am super excited.


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