Food Truck Bazaar and IKEA window shopping

Over the weekend I went to the Casselberry Food Truck Bazaar hosted by The Daily City. Every now and again the Bazaars will have a sponsor or charity that hosts a "happy hour" before the official event starts. On Friday, IKEA Orlando was hosting a happy hour for IKEA Family members. They had a table set up with catalogs and and a drawing for a gift card. So of course I filled out one of the little cards and then got myself a hamburger and forgot all about it.

French Onion Burger from Treehouse Truck

Deep Fried Oreos from Treehouse Truck

Little Miss Remix and Maple Bacon Cupcakes from The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck

Then Sunday night I got an email from IKEA and I won a $75 gift card from their food truck drawing. WOO HOO! I've spent a decent amount of time on the IKEA website today trying to decide what to get. I think I might get curtain rods and curtains for all of my naked windows, which is all of my windows.


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